Types of Roof Shingles

types of roof shingles

Are you planning on replacing the roof on your home? While you can stick with a traditional shingle roof, you might want to consider something different. Today, homeowners can choose from different types of roof shingles that improve a home’s appearance.  With so many roofing materials on the market, it might be hard to choose […]

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Solar Panels and Roofs

solar panels and roofs

You may be considering getting solar panels on your roof. This is a great way to help the environment and save money on utility expenses. Over time, you will see a good return on your investment, even if the initial cost is a lot.  Getting solar panels on roofs is easy once you have a […]

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How to Clean an Asphalt Shingle Roof

how to clean an asphalt shingle roof

The beauty of an asphalt shingle roof is seeing its design, shape, and form clean and free from debris, algae, or moss growth. Algae causes roof discoloration making it dull and unattractive with spots and patches. It’s why you should schedule roof cleaning periodically. Cleaning roof shingles properly will enhance your roof maintenance and quality […]

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Open Valley vs. Closed Valley Roofing

open valley vs closed valley roofing

Just like a mountain range has valleys, the intersections of roof angles also have valleys. The slopes of the roof drain water to the valleys, where it flows into the rain gutter. Because roof valleys channel water, these areas experience significant wear and tear, especially in Minnesota, where we experience extraordinary year-round weather.  Whether you […]

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