Roofs for Troops - $250 Rebate for All Active Military, Veterans, and Retirees

What Makes a Residential and Commercial Roof Different From Each Other?

While they both protect a building’s interior, a residential and commercial roof has many differences. They are designed to accomplish the same thing, but commercial and residential roofs use different materials, are installed with a different slope and have different sizes. Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota, one of the top roofers in our area, explains what […]

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A Comparison of Metal and Asphalt Shingles

Finding the right roofing material can be tricky. It must be a long-lasting investment that keeps you safe. It should also be the right fit for your environment, handling both the weather and the sunlight. That’s why our roofing services recommend choosing between metal and asphalt. Both offer several advantages to your home not found […]

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A Quick Rundown on Cost-Effective Roofing Materials

Although made to last for a long time, your roof will eventually succumb to wear and tear, reaching a point where repair will no longer be a viable option. If you want a new, cost-effective roof, you should hire roofing services providers who offer low-maintenance options that can last for a very long time. Let’s […]

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