Roofs for Troops - $250 Rebate for All Active Military, Veterans, and Retirees

Why Proactive Commercial Roof Maintenance is Important

As a business owner, the state of your commercial roofing is something you should always keep in mind. It affects the general operation of your business and your commercial space’s appearance as well. This is why you should take a proactive approach when it comes to repair and maintenance work. Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota, Inc. […]

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Why Perfect Exteriors Minnesota, Inc. Should Be Your Roofers

Your roofing doesn’t just protect your home from the elements. It also contributes to around 40% of your frontage and curb appeal. When it’s in need of repair or replacement, you might think that you can do it yourself. But roofing projects are complex and risky, and that’s why you should always entrust them to […]

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Metal Roofing: The Smarter Roofing For Your Home

If you’re looking to invest on a replacement roof for your home, then you might want to consider metal roofing. Although it’s considered “alternative” roofing, it’s growing in popularity across many homes due to it’s strengths as a roofing material. Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota, Inc. discusses the benefits of a metal roof system. […]

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