To make an entirely new roof from scratch is a huge undertaking—but our roofers are used to it! Through hard work and a passion for service, the pros at Perfect Exteriors tackle every project, no matter how big or how small, with ease. We’re not such a well-rated provider of residential roofing services for nothing!

However, just like any roofing company, we always appreciate a home that’s been well-prepared for us to start work. We aren’t saying you need to climb up and start stripping shingles or anything! Rest assured that our team will take care of all the hard parts. We’re simply saying that a few simple pre-roofing tasks on your part can drastically speed along the roofing process, getting you the results you paid for in much less time. It can also make your day-to-day operations go much more seamlessly while our roofing crew toils on above your head.

Don’t be nervous, though—this is some seriously easy stuff. Below, we’ll give you a brief to-do list to tackle before your roofing team shows up to get to work.

Give Roofers Access. Give Yourself Peace of Mind.

That’s all the process boils down to! By giving our team plenty of room to get on and off your roof, you’ll minimize interruptions and create a logistically smooth environment for us, allowing our team to work faster. You must also take steps to give yourself peace of mind during the process. While our staff take the utmost care to minimize interruptions to your day-to-day life, certain inherent parts of the roofing process may require that you take action beforehand to ensure a smooth start-to-finish.

  • Remove decorations on your inner walls. Powerful roofing equipment creates vibrations that may disturb wall-or-ceiling-hanging objects. Take these down and stash them away to both minimize noise and keep these items safe.
  • Put away patio furniture and make sure your vehicle is nonobstructive. Working around large outdoor fixtures, while possible, is cumbersome for even the most experienced of exterior contractors. Take care to make the space surrounding your roof as open as possible.
  • Try to create convenient parking spaces for roofers. Hiking to fetch supplies takes a physical toll on anyone—and roofing is an already demanding job. Providing easily accessible spaces for your home exterior contractors’ vehicles is much appreciated. Plus, it can mean the job goes much more quickly.

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