Last month, if you tuned in to our blog, you’ll remember that we wrote about how to prioritize your winterization needs. If you want to read advice straight from an exterior contractor, click here! Otherwise, here’s the gist: your home requires a multifaceted winterization approach in order to stand strong throughout the harsh Minnesotan winter to come.

One of those facets is, as you’ve probably guessed, your roof. While your roofing is quite tough, especially if it was done by the residential roofing services at Perfect Exteriors, don’t leave it out in the cold; it requires a bit of TLC if you want it to keep your family warm and dry this season. Said TLC doesn’t have to be complicated, though! Take it from a home exterior contractor: we do more complicated projects every day. Read on for three simple ways to shore up your roof’s defenses before the chilly weather sets in for real.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters play an important role in maintaining your home’s health. They help direct rainwater away from your foundation, where it could otherwise lead to soil erosion and cracking. However, your gutters also help to make sure that your roof evades the clutches of the notoriously nasty ice dam, which can cause shingles to fall and moisture damage to creep into your attic. Clean your gutters like you do every year before winter, though, and you should be set!

Get Roof Repair Done Now

There’s no better way to handle your roofing needs than to let the pros at it! If your roof, be it asphalt roofing or something else entirely, has suffered hail damage or other types of storm damage, get the pros to check it out before cold seeps into the damaged places. We at Perfect Exteriors would be happy to help—in fact, we offer free inspections, so you’ve really got nothing to lose. We’ll let you know everything that needs to get done so your home’s exterior stays as lovely as it currently is.

Trim Back Your Trees

In the winter, strong winds and heavy snow loads can mean your trees can become downright hazardous to your roof. Make sure that no branches overhanging your roof and minimize the chances of an unfortunate accident.

Contact Perfect Exteriors Now for Top-Notch Winterization Help

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