When it comes to home makeovers, most consumers tend to take things one at a time. After all, it gives them ample time to get their finances in order and to make other necessary preparations.

Windows and Siding

It isn’t always the best course of action though. There are times when it’s better to undertake two projects at the same time since one will inevitably be affected by the other. This is the case with windows and siding. Here’s why.

Doing Both at the Same Time Saves Money

Think about it: A one-time expense can actually save you money in a field where shelling out hundreds, even thousands, of dollars, is the norm. Though it is a big investment, undertaking two projects at once is actually the more cost-effective approach. You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone.

Window Capping Affects Siding

While it isn’t true most of the time, there is a slim chance that the installation of new windows can ruin your siding. Installers typically add moisture barriers beneath window frames. As such, it makes sense to change your windows while you’re installing new siding. In addition, there is a high risk of damage to the window capping should the siding be replaced.

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