Roofs for Troops - $250 Rebate for All Active Military, Veterans, and Retirees

Learn about are the pros and cons of four common siding materials here.

Your choice of siding can affect both the look and the value of your home. A reputable siding installation contractor like Perfect Exteriors will only carry quality brands. However, even among those brands, not every kind of siding is a good fit for every house. You’ll need to know the difference before choosing one for […]

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Erasing Winter Damage with New Vinyl Siding

As the last blizzard leaves the Minnesota, you might be looking at your weather-worn home and thinking it’s time to add another layer of paint…again. There is another option that will leave the time-consuming chore of scraping, sanding, and painting as nothing more than a distant memory: vinyl siding. This versatile material can have your […]

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