From candles to tie-dye, it seems like DIY – short for Do It Yourself – is all the rage these days. A wealth of information floats is available on the internet about any number of projects, so it seems like anything is possible with the right article, even stuff normally accomplished by a certified professional.

If you’re thinking of DIY-ing your siding, we at Perfect Exteriors, as exterior contractors and a siding company, don’t blame you. We just implore you to reconsider!

We’ve been professionals in this industry for years, and we’ve seen our fair share of poorly installed siding jobs. We know how they can damage your home, and we’d hate for that to happen to you. Every homeowner deserves a warm and safe place to rest their head, and if your siding installation is a shoddy one, you’ll be robbing yourself and your family of this. You deserve quality. You deserve the help of a professional exterior siding contractor.

Still wanting to go ahead with the DIY anyway? Below, we’ll dive into even more ways that a learn-as-you-go job is seriously not worth it.

A Vinyl Siding Installer’s Take on the DIY Craze

Siding does more than make your home look pretty. Siding protects your home and family from the elements – elements that more interior structures are not equipped to handle. There’s a reason that exterior home contractors often serve siding. If anyone could do such a crucial job themselves, such services wouldn’t even exist.

Your siding protects everything inside your home from the following exterior hazards, which is exactly why it’s critical to get the installation done right.

  • Mold. A result of moisture damage gone way too far, fungi infestations can cause major health issues in your family, not to mention be a major exterior eyesore. While this problem doesn’t snowball overnight, it still presents risks, risks that mean a solid reason not to DIY.
  • Rain. A roof over your head won’t do much if your siding doesn’t bring its A game. Even if this precipitation problem doesn’t bring mold with it, it can still be a major detriment to both the look and structural integrity of your home. Don’t chance it. Get a professional exterior contractor to help you.
  • Cold temperatures. We live in Minnesota, after all, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention this! Professionally installed siding helps to keep heat in your home, which is quite a necessary function given our climate. Keep your family warm with ship-shape siding.

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