New siding is an investment, but it’s certainly a worthwhile one! After all, there’s nothing more wow-worthy than seeing your home in a new light, with brand new siding lending the exterior a fresh look.

As excited as you are, you may have some questions about the process. What happens when a siding company visits your house for installation? Don’t worry, Perfect Exteriors has all the answers!

Siding Installation From Start to Finish

Every siding contractor is different, and thus every installation process is different. However, before any work begins, you should expect to have consulted heavily with your exterior contractor and have familiarized yourself with:

  • Project timelines
  • What kind of siding best suits your needs
  • An estimate of all costs – labor, materials, etc.

You also should have set a date for the project to begin. When that date arrives, be ready for activity!

How Your Home Exterior Contractor Will Set Up Shop

On the day your project begins, usually you’ll find a dumpster somewhere on the property, courtesy of your home exterior contractor. This is where they’ll be putting all your old siding. Perhaps, too, you may discover a portable bathroom for the crew.

How Will Work Progress?

First, your home exterior contractor’s team removes every last bit of old siding and tosses it in the aforementioned dumpster. Often, to reduce the risk of excessive elemental exposure, they’ll only focus on one side of your house at a time.

As heavy work is being done on your walls at this stage, please make sure to remove any hanging valuables.


Provided there are no areas underneath your old siding that need to be repaired first, which will take precedence over installing new siding, your hired help can then move on to weatherproofing.

The area on which the siding is to be placed must be tough against moisture and the like, so we at Perfect Exteriors make sure to dot our I’s, so to speak, and seal up or adjust any problem areas.

Installation and Painting

After the area underneath is good to go, the new siding can finally be applied. Installation methods will vary depending on your siding type. If you’re curious, your siding installation contractor should be able to explain what they’re doing right on site.

If painting is to follow, expect that once the siding itself is affixed. Make sure to keep your cars away from your home at this point to avoid any wayward droplets.

Perfect Exteriors: Your Perfectly Transparent Siding Contractor

Need siding installation? From start to finish, you’ll always know what’s going on on your property when we’re on the job. For honest home exterior contractors with integrity, give our Monticello office a call today at 763-271-8700.