Spring can be the perfect time to hire a siding installation contractor and give your home the exterior you’ve always dreamed of. Warmer weather and the lack of snow can mean the job could get done faster, and you’ll work with your exterior contractor before the summertime rush, which is often considered the busy season for exterior remodeling contractors. 

Regardless of the season in which you choose to hire a home exterior contractor for siding installation, you’ll need to make up your mind regarding what kind of siding you actually want. If you’re set on wood siding for aesthetic reasons but are a bit worried about the maintenance requirements, fiber cement siding from Perfect Exteriors could be a smart choice. But what exactly is fiber cement siding? How does it stack up against other similar siding types? Perfect Exteriors is here to help. Below, we’ll talk all about this innovative siding material, as well as discuss if it could be a good fit for your home.

Fiber Cement Siding: A Crash Course

Fiber cement siding is, as its name suggests, siding composed of a blend of materials all combined to make a sturdy, attractive siding type. Said materials can include wood fibers, clay, and, yes, cement. It all depends on the individual make. Perfect Exteriors uses James Hardie fiber cement siding on account of the variety of styles it’s available in, as well as its affordability.

Fiber cement siding is a versatile siding type, and it’s a perfect fit for households looking for:

  • Durability | Indeed, fiber cement siding is built tough enough to withstand anything the Minnesota heat and cold can throw at it. This includes hail damage! It serves households looking for a long-lasting siding type well.
  • An attractive aesthetic | Fiber cement siding can be made to look like a variety of materials, which includes wood. As full wood siding is vulnerable to anything from insect infestations to mold damage, it can be a handful for even the most dedicated homeowner. Fiber cement siding can easily give you the look of wood siding without all the maintenance requirements. Plus, if wood siding isn’t your style, it’s available in other gorgeous looks, too. 
  • Affordability | In particular, James Hardie siding is affordable. Plus, due to the siding’s low maintenance requirements and durability, what money you do spend on your fiber cement siding will be money well-spent.

Still Undecided? Perfect Exteriors is Here to Help

We sell a variety of siding types and brands, and we’ll even do the installation for you! Give our Monticello office a call now at 763-271-8700.