Siding comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and brands—and we at Perfect Exteriors, as home exterior contractors, are proud to provide loads of options! And while all those options are great, they can also be overwhelming, even when it comes to this-or-that decisions. For example, should you go with the horizontal lap siding that’s so popular these days, or play it adventurously with vertical boards?

Below, we’ll provide a smidgen of info about each type, as well as answer a few questions and dispel a few common misconceptions. So let’s get to it!

Is One Siding Type More Durable Than the Other?

Broadly speaking: no. Both orientations can be tough as nails; we wouldn’t carry them together otherwise! However, they may have different requirements in terms of care and installation quality.

For example, with horizontal siding, you’ll need to be extra careful to tend to your gutter system, as water can worm its way underneath each lap. On the other hand, because the installation process of vertical siding tends to be more extensive than that of its counterpart, you’ll need to be extra careful about whom you choose to install it—not a problem if you’re working with this siding company!

What Do They Do for my Home’s Looks?

Any siding type adds pizzazz to your household and sparks tons of decorative inspiration. However, the orientation of your siding does do different things to how your home is perceived, with each type having a unique effect.

Vertical siding can make small, stout homes seem larger by drawing the eye upward, making it a good choice for those who are looking to impress. It also stands out from the crowd. While horizontal siding is tame and traditional—and there’s nothing wrong with that—vertical siding invites the passerby to stop and take a closer look. 

What’s More Budget Friendly?

It’s important to note that material, as well as orientation, plays a role in how pricey your siding is; how it’s laid isn’t the only factor. However, when solely installation is concerned, horizontal siding is less labor-intensive for the siding installation contractor and thus tends to be more on the affordable side of things.

Perfect Exteriors: Here to Help You Make the Perfect Siding Decision

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