Siding contractors are the unsung heroes of the home exterior contractor world. After all, very few kids say they want to be an exterior siding contractor when they grow up! These workers, though, provide an essential service to homeowners everywhere, creating venerable shields of armor around their most valuable asset in order to protect it from the elements. If that sounds awesome, it’s because it certainly is!

But not just anyone is cut out to work for a siding company. We at Perfect Exteriors, a Monticello team of siding installation contractors, would know; we’re incredibly picky about whom we hire. Read on to discover more about this exciting industry and learn how to separate the real siding-contractor deals from the fakes.

What Does it Take to Be a Siding Contractor?

Well, knowledge about siding, of course! Siding contractors must familiarize themselves with the characteristics of each type of siding in order to better meet the needs of their customers. This isn’t just for marketing’s sake, though; every siding type, from vinyl siding to metal siding, has unique considerations the contractor must take into account when installing, as all materials behave differently under stress and seasonal changes. A dictionary-like working knowledge of siding is essential.

Additional characteristics that great siding contractors possess include

  • A good helping of grit | Installing siding is physically demanding, and weather conditions can sometimes mean work is performed under less-than-comfortable conditions. Awesome siding contractors are tough enough to stick to their guns and get the job done.
  • A friendly, relationship-focused nature | Being a siding contractor is a service job as much as, say, being a roofer or a general exterior contractor. Great siding contractors know the importance of forging relationships with their customers, as it both leaves that customer feeling valued and can ensure returning business.
  • The ability to think outside the box | Installing siding is more than slapping boards onto a home. Every building is different; no two siding contractor jobs will be the same. The job requires a lot of innovative thinking, as siding contractors must sometimes be able to change their go-to approach to suit the shape of a given building.

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