If you’ve ventured near any exterior contractor’s blog, you most likely know all too well the importance of cleaning your siding. If you haven’t, though, here’s the brief: siding cleaning is an essential task—yes, even though it can be gross! Cleaning your siding at least a few times a year prolongs its functioning life as a siding system, no matter what it’s made of, isn’t made to put up with mold growth and grime. It’s also immensely satisfying to leave your home’s exterior pristine; maybe you’ll then be inspired to tackle the inside too!

As necessary and important as siding cleaning is, though, you should never dive headlong into the job without reviewing safety protocol. Pressure washers and unsteady ladders don’t mix well, after all. Perfect Exteriors, a Monticello siding company and a team of home exterior contractors, has a few tips to help you stay safe while making your siding sparkle.

Learn To Be Smart About Siding Cleaning

In many cases, cleaning one’s siding involves a pressure washer: a tool that expels water forcefully to blast dirt off a given object. While these machines may look innocuous, any machine that creates force is, well, a force to be reckoned with. Respect your pressure washer by adhering to the following rules:

  • Never use your pressure washer from any height | Yes, even if you have someone holding the ladder, and yes, even if you know your machine well. One wrong step and the force emitted from the pressure washer can cause you to fall—something that can be fatal if you land poorly. Use extension wands from the ground-level to stay safe.
  • Wear enclosed shoes | Water isn’t a weak substance; at a specific level of force, it can even be made to cut through metal. While your everyday tool can’t do that, it still stands that water under pressure is a powerful thing. The least you can do is wear enclosed shoes to protect yourself. If they’re sturdy steel-toed boots, that’s even better.
  • Don’t allow your children to use the tool | While it can be tempting to get the kids helping with the job, minors should not be trusted with a tool that can easily cut through their skin. There is plenty they can do to help outside without putting themselves or others in danger.

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