If you’re expecting your first appointment with a siding company, you must be over the moon! New siding does wonders to spruce up a home, not to mention protect what’s inside. When you make the right siding choice, you’ll have an investment that brings your family joy and satisfaction for years.

But the road to siding satisfaction isn’t always so easy. There are seemingly countless types to choose from, and picking the correct one often means the difference between home exterior harmony and complete dilapidation. Don’t stress, though; Perfect Exteriors, a Monticello team of siding contractors, is here to help. While we’re ready and willing to talk siding with you personally, we can’t cover everything we know in a singular blog post! However, in this one, we’ll start your siding education with a single question:

What’s the Difference Between Fiber Cement Siding and Engineered Wood Siding?

Doesn’t wood have fibers, you might ask? And don’t the two words “fiber cement” imply a degree of human engineering? While these two terms might, to the layperson, sound quite similar, in reality, fiber cement siding and engineered wood siding are quite different, and they each render themselves better fits for certain situations over others.

  • Fiber cement siding can have more ingredients than does engineered wood | These ingredients can include, but are not limited to, cement, wood shards, and water. Every brand has a different composition that makes it better for certain climates over others, so be sure to ask about what’s in the fiber cement siding that you have your eye on, and how those ingredients affect its performance.
  • Engineered wood siding can be very similar in composition | Its primary ingredient is wood strands, which are treated to provide additional resistance against insects and fungus. This makes it a smart choice in comparison to 100% wood siding, which is often vulnerable to such threats.

Of course, they also have their similarities: Both require the help of a specialized home exterior contractor to install. While engineered wood siding is generally easier to install than its counterpart, the fact of the matter is that both play a significant role in keeping your home moisture-and-mold free; a faulty installation job practically negates their ability to do this. They’re also both a significant investment, as is any siding type, so get the installation done right with an exterior contractor’s help.

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