Sometimes, it’s hard to decide whether to throw something out and start anew or keep on trucking with what you have. It might really be time, for instance, to sell your old beater car for a more reliable ride, but sentimentality keeps it parked in the driveway and you calling the mechanic.

When it comes to siding, you might not be sentimental, but you still can get stuck in the same trap of “repair or replace?” After all, repair might be a more economically sound option in the short term—and the long term too, if it’s not yet time for a siding do-over. However, there’s only so much repair that can be done before you need outright replacement.

So what’s the better option for you?

Siding Repair: When the Siding Has More Than a Little Life Left in it

siding repair or replacement
do i need siding repair or replacement

Generally, you don’t want to get to the point where replacement is an only option—ever. This is because, by that time, it’s likely that your home has already suffered damage. So for your exterior contractor to recommend siding repair, your siding must not be damaged enough that it has begun to impact your home’s structural integrity. In plainer terms: an undamaged home means siding repair is likely an option. 

Some situations where your home exterior contractor might recommend repair include

  • If one or two planks have sustained isolated damage
  • If a storm has recently come through the area and you need storm damage repair
  • If the problem doesn’t have to do with a faulty siding installation job

What About Other Situations?

Even if your siding issue doesn’t fall into one of the above three categories, don’t fret. Usually, your siding contractor will recommend repairs. Siding is designed to be a long-lasting investment, so provided you’ve done all you can to take care of yours, the problem is typically isolated.

Siding Replacement: When That Siding Has Got to Go

Is your wood siding rotting out? Did your previous exterior home contractor slack off and now you’re stuck with watery walls? If the issue is systemic, your siding has to come off, no questions asked. This is especially true if the problem has led you to hire other experts, such as drywallers or mold remediation companies. You shouldn’t need to clean up after something that’s supposed to protect your home!

Perfect Exteriors: Repair or Replacement, We’re Here for You

No matter if you need storm damage repair or an entire siding replacement, our team of exterior siding contractors pledges to provide you with nothing but the highest-quality service and craftsmanship. Give our Monticello office a call today at 763-271-8700.