Are you a brand aficionado or of the “generic is best” sort? From clothing to cars, everyone has an opinion about what companies make the best product, and many people will stick by those opinions even when they go under fire. At Perfect Exteriors MN, as Monticello home exterior contractors, we have our preferences when it comes to brands, but these preferences are based upon years of experience and experimentation combined with extensive research. We didn’t just arrive at which companies synergize the best with our mission as exterior home contractors overnight! When we recommend a brand, you can trust that so much more than a superficial liking has gone into this recommendation

One topic which we’re partially knowledgeable about is siding installation. Siding, no matter if it’s put on by fiber cement siding installers, wood siding installers, or another type of professional entirely, serves as a protective barrier from the elements for your home and family. Picking the right brand for your needs is therefore essential to preventing anything from moisture damage to mold infestations, two problems which are expensive and stressful to deal with.

Read on to discover our favorite siding brands and just what sets these brands apart from the competition.

Top Siding Brands for Minnesota Homes

While every siding product that Perfect Exteriors MN sells is of the utmost quality, individual brands possess inherent characteristics that make them relatively better fits for certain houses. Picking the perfect brand for your family, then, is best accomplished by a personalized consultation with the experts in perfect home exterior solutions.

That said, a few of our favorite siding brands include:

  • Royal® Building Products. As suppliers of top-notch vinyl siding, this brand boasts an aesthetically versatile and low-maintenance product. Some of their models are even weather-and-UV resistant.
  • LP Smartside. This brand is especially quick to install and comes in a variety of bold, statement-making colors.
  • James Hardie. James Hardie is composed of a unique fiber-cement mixture, making it extra-resistant to insect infestations. The brand has a rich selection of colors to choose from.
  • Mastic. This vinyl siding brand is strong against chipping and fading. Like LP Smartside, it comes in a variety of hues—even yellow!
  • Edco. Metal siding from Edco is as tough as nails and is all about being a stylistic chameleon. It can be made to mimic all sorts of other siding types and textures while retaining the durability of its true composition.

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