Are you planning to get a new residential roofing system for your home? You might want to limit your options to companies that offer strong roofing warranties. Why are warranties so important, and how can they benefit you? Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota explains more:

Strong Warranties Provide Good Coverage

If something bad happens to your new roof, a warranty will keep you covered. However, different companies offer different kinds of warranties. Weak warranties will only cover minor fixes or provide only partial coverage. Stronger warranties will cover the cost of everything that would warrant a fix provided that the roof is still under the warranty coverage by then.

Strong Warranties Last Long

You can’t really expect much from a warranty that has a very short period. For example, a warranty of five years is useless for a metal roofing system because most roofs are expected to last for at least a decade without any problems. If you have multiple offers, narrow down your list to those with the longest warranty periods, preferably those that last 15 years or longer. GAF’s System Plus Limited Warranty provides architectural shingle coverage of up to 50 years along with 2-year coverage against workmanship errors.

Strong Warranties Are Cost-Effective

You can expect roofs covered by a strong roofing warranty to be a bit more expensive than a regular one. The overall cost of repairs or even re-installation, however, will almost always be greater than the premium you paid for a strong warranty. Think of it as something like your health insurance, but only for your roof.

Strong Warranties Reflect Good Workmanship

Strong warranties can be considered a reflection of how confident roofers are with the quality of their work. The pros know that the work that they do guarantees that your roof will last a long time, and they’re willing to back it up by with a warranty and fixing issues for free that are covered by the warranty. Only reputable roofers like us offer strong, long-lasting warranties. Our Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty, for example, offers shingle coverage for up to 50 years and workmanship coverage for up to 25. When needed, it also takes care of both the tear-off and disposal costs.

Looking for roofers that can provide the best warranties on the market? Then, turn to us. We offer the strongest warranties in Elk River, MN, and nearby areas in Minnesota. Just call us at (763) 307-3001, or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.