Very few people want a roof and siding that are exactly the same hue. For one, it’d be immensely difficult to make sure the colors lined up, and for two, it might have the unfortunate side effect of making your home visually uninteresting.

Hence the regular need to mix roofing and siding colors. Though this is common practice, it’s still a practice—there are ways to do it right and ways to deeply regret your decisions.

At Perfect Exteriors, our Monticello exterior contractors are here to help you make sure it’s the former! Here are a few tips on how to mix and match your siding and roof.

Consider Going Monochromatic

Exactly the same color is one thing, but variations on that color are another. Indeed, a roof and siding of varying colors in the same family—all greys or all browns, for example—tends to create a soft, understated, yet universally appealing look.

Just make sure that there’s enough of a contrast to ensure neither color gets lost; your home exterior contractor should be able to provide you with samples either digitally or physically to help you visualize. They also should come prepared with color advice of their own and let you know if they think things are getting too murky.

Contrast Is Your Friend

Dark siding and a light roof, or vice versa, is a visually striking way to jazz up your home’s exterior. The differences in color naturally draw the eye, so get ready to have the neighbors stare!

Though contrasting hues are certainly a bold color pairing, be sure that they actually go together, not just set one another off. A bright red house, for example, might not do well with a deep green roof, unless you want a home that’s year-round reminiscent of the holiday season.

That being said, with the right roofers and siding contractors and the right products, you’d be surprised what you can pull off.

For the Adventurous, Mixing More Than Two Colors Is in

Your siding or roofing doesn’t need to be the same all around! A variety of two-tone roofing options are available today, for example—just take a look at this textured steel shake product from EDCO.

Plus, lots of people are playing with exterior siding “accent” walls. The sky’s the limit to your design potential, and with the right home exterior contractor, you’ll be able to fulfil that potential and more.

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