Everyone knows that the elements have a detrimental effect on roofs. However, most people aren’t aware that a silent threat can be lurking at home.

How Can Improper Attic Ventilation Impair Your Roof?

Improper attic ventilation can impair your residential roofing system big time. If you ask Perfect Exteriors, here are the ways it can affect your roof’s performance and longevity:

Accelerating Shingle Deterioration

Poor attic ventilation can bake asphalt shingles from the bottom. The excessive heat can cause them to bend out of shape, losing their adherence to the sheathing underneath them. Also, an overheated asphalt shingle roof is prone to blistering. Deformed materials increase the chances of water infiltration and leakage.

Weakening Wood Deck

The inability of your attic to breathe out warm, indoor air leads to condensation. The moisture can collect on the underside of your asphalt shingle or metal roofing system. Since the underlying deck and rafters are made from wood, the constant presence of water vapor can sap the strength of your roof’s foundation.

Damaging Insulation

Leaks and attic condensation are bad news for your insulation. The water can soak the material, rendering it less effective as a thermal barrier. During winter when your heating demand peaks, the negative effects of inadequate attic ventilation due to compromised insulation can increase.

Causing Ice Dam Formation

Experienced roofers will attest that failure to regulate the intake and outtake of attic air would result in ice damming. The formation of ice ridges along the eaves of your roofs may put unnecessary stress on the gutters. The weight of ice dams can rip or tear off asphalt shingles. As they thaw, they can cause the water to seep into your interior.

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