You’ve winterized. You’ve had an exterior contractor out to check over your work. Now it’s time to forget about your exterior so your family can get back to enjoying the holidays, right? Aren’t homes supposed to be low-maintenance? Don’t you have enough on your plate this time of year?

While we at Perfect Exteriors certainly wish you a joyous and family-filled holiday season, we’d be remiss as home exterior contractors if we said you can just let your home sit until spring. Indeed, if you’ve properly winterized and had all necessary work done by a certified exterior remodeling contractor, your home exterior should require relatively less active maintenance than in warmer weather.

However, nobody, not even the most experienced exterior home contractor, can plan for the unexpected, and given that in Minnesota the unexpected often comes in the form of harsh weather, it pays to know when, despite your best efforts, your home might have sustained damage.

Don’t fret, though; Perfect Exteriors has got you covered. Below you’ll find a few early warning signs that your home isn’t taking winter well.

Simple Signs of the Wintertime Woes

Winter brings with it both frigidity and high winds, in addition to snow accumulation, which is essentially water damage waiting to happen. Sometimes, even with the best preparation process around, these hazards can lead to the following exterior problems:

  • Your siding begins to warp. While newly-installed siding from Perfect Exteriors isn’t at risk of this, if your siding is on the older side, it might succumb. Warping, or becoming misshapen, can occur for a variety of wintertime reasons, one of which being extreme temperatures – something that’s nearly impossible to fully protect it from.
  • Your roof loses shingles. This one is usually the fault of high winds, though it can occur due to ice dams pulling downward. Regardless, shingle loss is a homeowner’s nightmare, as it compromises the watertight barrier that is a well-maintained roof, allowing anything from moisture damage to mold to seep in.
  • Your energy bills begin to skyrocket. While it’s not an exterior problem, per se, a compromised exterior certainly can lead to it! Your roof and siding form part of what’s called a “building envelope” – another word for the structure that’s designed to keep the elements at bay. Any breaking of this structure, be it through roofing damage or siding warping, means your home is no longer fully insulated from the cold, thus leading your HVAC systems to work harder to compensate.

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