So, you’re renovating the house, and it’s time to take your windows seriously. Sometimes, replacement windows are necessary. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t miss out on new opportunities. When installing new windows, it’s important to know what to look for. Otherwise, you might spend excess time and money picking a style that doesn’t suit your needs.

Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota has a fantastic array of window installation options, but there’s one option we feel deserves some up-front-and-center attention: Double-hung windows.

Double-Hung Windows: Timeless and Adaptive

If you’ve never checked out double-hung windows, now is a better time than ever. The Double-hung window styles is one of the most popular window styles chosen during remodeling and window replacements. In fact, their use dates back to about 1670, which is why they look particularly classy in Victorian and Georgian-style home setups.

Double-hung windows are also called hung sash windows, as they have two operating sashes. These are the windows’ moving parts that slide up and down. Double-hung windows let you open both sashes as you please. They tilt in, too, which makes them superior for cleanliness and versatility.

Superior Design and Materials

Most double-hung windows are crafted from wood, aluminum, vinyl, or composite. This offers incredible energy efficiency optimization options—as each material offers different levels of insulation. While wooden double-hung windows can offer a good bit of insulation while supplying wonderful stylistic overtones to your living space, vinyl double-hung windows require less maintenance.

Is it Time to Get a Double-Hung Window Replacement?

There’s a good chance you’ve used single-hung windows until now. Single-hung windows have one operating sash which moves up and down, overlapping at the top. The top sash, itself, stays in place.

Single-hung windows may cost less than double-hung windows up front, but they tend to be harder to clean due to their fixed panels. Plus, they don’t have as much ventilation control as double-hung windows. If you want a little more control over your ventilation, it might be time to consider double-hung replacement windows.

Double hung windows are a fantastic option for an all-natural ventilation feel—offering many years of comfort and adaptability. Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota is here to help you pick the perfect window installation option for your home. There’s a reason we can’t stop supporting double-hung windows over most options, either; they’re one of the most accessible, adaptable, and stylistic options around.

Whether you need a window replacement, repair, or first-time installation, Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota is at your service. Give us a call at 763-271-8700 to get a free estimate. We want to give back to the community responsible for our success—one dedicated project at a time.