Think about the front of a home as being like an attractive face, with windows being the facial features and the colors and trim being the makeup. It is helpful to use this analogy when doing a home makeover. Let’s consider the different styles of windows and trim combinations to see how we can mix and match them in eye-catching ways to create an appealing finished look.

Double Hung Windows

This type of windows has a more traditional look. It is suitable for older-style homes. Double hung windows operate with two sashes that move in tracks, which go up and down.

Sliding Windows

This window style opens by the glass sliding horizontally in tracks at the bottom and top of the window.

Casement Windows

These windows are tall panes of glass that are hinged on either vertical side. There is no wooden part in the middle of the window running horizontally. This type is helpful for creating a contemporary look.

Bay and Bow Windows

This style protrudes from a home’s exterior wall toward the outside of the house. Bay windows have three panels that make the protrusion. Bow windows have more panels that create a rounded look for the protrusion. From the inside of a home, both bay and bow windows create more interior space and make a room feel bigger.

Picture Windows

These windows let in a lot of light and provide a wide, unobstructed view of the outside. If a home’s landscaping or garden is beautiful, a large picture window facing that area creates a very pleasant view from the inside of the home. It there is a nice view of the skyline, a big picture window is very desirable.

Window Trim and Shutters

Window trim extends the shapes of the windows to make them appear larger and more balanced on the exterior of the home. Windows surrounded by shutters have a bolder look. Different window styles can be blended together by using the same window trim to make them look like a matched set, even if they open differently. Lighter trim on a darker siding color really stands out nicely.

Matching Windows with Home Styles

Now that we understand the basic choices to use for creating a home’s look, here are the recommendations about how to achieve a result that matches some popular home styles:

  • Double Hung Windows: These are suitable for Colonial, Craftsman, and Victorian homes.
  • Bay and Bow Windows: These are used for Victorian homes with colorfully painted trim.
  • Casement Windows: This is the best choice for Bauhaus, Contemporary, and Prairie style (made famous by architect Frank Lloyd Wright).
  • Horizontal Sliding Windows: This window style is suitable for tract homes built in the 1950s to 1960s, such as a California rancher style home.
  • Picture Windows: These can be used with many home styles. The look is changed by how window trim is applied.

Some home styles are created by the type of windows used, such as a Cape Cod style home. This look is created with multi-pane double-hung windows that have shutters and by the use of dormer windows that protrude from the roof. The overall idea is that certain homes styles have windows that fit better with that particular style.

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