A summer storm has just rolled through your neighborhood. Your family battened down the hatches and weathered it safely and are now coming outside once more to assess your home’s damage. At first glance, everything seems fine. Look closer. Storm damage should never be ignored, even if it’s miniscule or not an emergency.

But why is this? If the house is standing and not in shambles, certainly there are other houses that are worse off and more deserving of home exterior contractors, yes? As seasoned exterior home contractors, Perfect Exteriors MN is here to defy that line of thinking. Regardless of how apparent your storm damage is (or isn’t), your home deserves the help of a strong storm damage contractor. Countless natural forces can leave weak points and chinks in your home’s metaphorical armor; these damaged parts, if left unchecked, can snowball into larger problems which are both costly and anxiety-producing to fix.

In A Storm, Your Home Faces Multiple Threats

Wind, rain, hail, lightning – your home is assaulted by each and every one of these during a severe storm, each of which poses its unique threats. Simply because there are so many different and potentially damaging forces at work is reason enough for you to get your home checked over once the rain and weather warnings subside. It’s almost impossible for a non-professional to possess a deep knowledge of the hazards each facet of a storm poses to your home.

What would happen if you missed or flat out ignored your home’s storm damage?

  1. Your roof can begin to leak. This is far from a “house quirk.” This is a health hazard. Whether from hail damage or wind, a storm can mean your shingles become compromised, which in turn can lead to a leaky roof, which then sets the stage for toxic mold growth.
  • Your home could start on fire. Leaky roofs from hail or wind allow water into your attic, which eventually can seep downwards through your home, thanks to gravity. Imagine the sparks that will fly when that water hits your electrical system!
  • Pests could begin to move in. Missing shingles as a result of hail or wind damage can open your attic to any number of outdoor creatures, which can wreak havoc on your insulation and your electrical system – not to mention pose quite the sanitation problem.

Contact Perfect Exteriors MN for Efficient Storm Damage Repair

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