Storm damage: it’s quite the buzzword here in wild-weathered Minnesota. There are radio commercials about it, television ads for storm damage contractors, and even the occasional newspaper blurb. None of these, though, tell you exactly what to look for when it comes to storm damage—they just advertise someone who can fix it. How, we ask, do you know when to call for hail damage repair, for example, when you don’t know what that looks like?

Perfect Exteriors of Monticello is here to help bridge that knowledge gap. As exterior contractors ourselves, we’ve helped more Minnesotan families than we can count keep their homes going strong after vicious storms. Below, we’ll discuss a few common signs that your household is in need of a home exterior contractor after foul weather rolls through the area.

When it Comes to Storm Damage, Look Beyond the Obvious

It’s fairly easy to spot the more apparent signs of a storm’s wrath. If you have chunks of siding littered about your yard, maybe it’s time to call an exterior contractor to fix that! However, other signs that your home hasn’t held up well against Minnesota’s nearly tyrannical weather might not be so blatant. They’re no less detrimental to your home’s value, though; indeed, many can snowball if they’re not taken care of immediately.

  • Dented shingles from hail can let moisture in | While it’s better your roof took the brunt of the blows from the recent hailstorm, you’ll need to keep an eye out for pockmarked shingles that can signal it won’t be able to hold up against another. Moisture damage—which can result from leaky roofs—is not something you want to tango with. 
  • Cracked siding means that your home’s protective barrier is broken | Similarly, it’s great that your siding went to battle against the elements for the sake of protecting your home. However, if pieces of said siding are beginning to crack or have tell-tale hail dents, it could be time for a replacement. Again, moisture damage is no fun. It sets the ground for mold and can quickly damage other assets of your home even without the help of fungi.
  • Your home’s exterior looks like it got put through a mega-sized washing machine | From windows to gutters, if it simply looks sad and it’s not working as it used to after a storm, the chances are that it’s damaged. Having context for how well things usually work is important—hence your need for regular inspections from a reputable exterior contractor like us.

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