Asphalt roofing is arguably the most popular roofing type in the United States—and for darn good reason. It is economical, tough, and available in a practically endless variety of styles and colors. Even with this roofing type’s popularity, one brand stands out above all the rest: GAF. This is a brand that values innovation, community, and sustainability, to quote its own words from the official website. Plus, their products go above and beyond!

Take it from the team of roofers at Perfect Exteriors: for asphalt shingles, GAF is where it’s at. Below, you’ll discover exactly what makes this brand so special and why we’re stalwart supporters and users of its products.

GAF Shingles Are Tough

This company is North America’s largest roofing manufacturer (at the time of writing this), and that’s because its products perform. From specialized innovations that give you peace of mind in a windstorm to stain-protecting technology, its various lines of shingles all come equipped to do two things: to last and protect your home.

Its hearty table of warranties, some of which are lifetime with the purchase of the proper accessories, only serves to prove this further. Plus, when you work with GAF-certified installers like us, you’ll reap the practical benefits of great craftsmanship right alongside those of a tough-as-nails brand. Check out our exterior contractor blog on the subject to learn more.

GAF Shingles Are Colorful

Asphalt roofing is known to come in a variety of hues, but GAF goes above and beyond even for a roofing company that works with the material. From reds to blues to greens and grays and everything in between, you’ll find a plethora of shades for the picking with this roofing company—yes, even gold!

No matter the style of your home’s exterior, there’s a GAF color to fit it, and Perfect Exteriors is here to help you in the search for the perfect shingle.

GAF Has Amazing Values

Its products are great, but GAF is no slouch in the social responsibility department, either. For one, this roofing brand partners with nonprofits to create disaster resilience in communities. It also helps create learning opportunities to get more promising professionals a foot in the door in this rewarding field. On top of that, GAF stresses the importance of sustainability and environmental respect in its work. What more could you ask for from a roofing company?

Perfect Exteriors: Get GAF on Your Roof Today!

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