Drive through any middle-class suburban neighborhood today, and you’ll see quite a few things. Dogs and kids in the yards, sure, and probably quite a few identical mailboxes—but you’ll for sure notice all of the asphalt roofs. Indeed, asphalt is so popular as a roofing type that it can seem like it has become almost the default option. And it’s not just used on homes; asphalt is a popular choice for anything from backyard sheds to playhouses to chicken coops.

But why is this? What does asphalt roofing have that makes it such a great fit for so many families across the nation? Could it be right for your home?

While we can’t answer that last question without a personalized consultation, Perfect Exteriors, as a Monticello team of exterior contractors, is here to tackle the other two. We’ve been asphalt roofers for years, and we know all about the great things this roofing type can bring to the table.

Asphalt Roofing: The “Default Option” For a Reason

There’s nothing plain or run-of-the-mill about asphalt roofing; it’s popular for a reason; many reasons, in fact. This roofing type truly is the whole package, as it’s strong in not just one area but in multiple.

  • Dashing good looks make asphalt roofing a catch | Whether you’re interested in a sleek black finish or more of a colorful affair, there’s something timeless about asphalt roofing’s style. No matter what kind of house you have, it’s bound to fit in just fine, serving as an accent or the visual centerpiece to your home’s exterior.
  • Need a roofing type that’s tough as nails? Asphalt has you covered | These shingles are partially made out of the same stuff that some roads are! No matter what your roof needs to stand up to—wind, rain, scorching heat—you can rely on trusty and dependable asphalt shingles to hold strong. Just like you would need to with any other roofing type, though, be sure to invest in asphalt roof maintenance periodically to keep your investment watertight.
  • For roofing that’s affordable, you won’t go wrong with asphalt | Indeed, the roofing type is an economically accessible option. You get a great bang for your buck when you invest in asphalt roofing—but don’t let the savings fool you! As we stated above, asphalt is both a tough and aesthetically-pleasing roofing material. The affordability just happens to be a bonus.

Need a New Roof? Perfect Exteriors is Here to Help

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