Whether it’s a little drip or a fully fledged rush, a roof leak is never something to delay fixing. From mold in the attic to fire hazards, it can mean some serious household destruction; you’re right to seek help with a reputable exterior contractor!

That being said, no home exterior contractor, no matter how top-tier their service is, can be at your house instantaneously. You’re going to need to do some damage control while help makes its way to the scene—so where do you start?

Perfect Exteriors, your Monticello provider of asphalt roofing maintenance, is here with some tips and tricks below.

What to Do When Your Roof Starts Leaking

Try to Help With the Drainage

If your roof leak has extended into your home, you’ll need to find a way to control the water flow so it doesn’t continue to compromise your ceiling. While you’ll fully temporarily take care of it in the next step, it’s a huge help to facilitate the drainage of pre-existing water.

Some roofing services recommend poking a small hole near the wettest part of the growing ceiling stain, then putting a bucket underneath it, giving the water a much-needed exit point. You’ll then be able to move any dampened furniture to a drier space. Just make sure the bucket you’re using is a big one; you may spend quite some time sleuthing the source of the leak in the next step!

Locate the Leak

Climb up into your attic—with any luck, you’ll see daylight coming through the spot where your roof is leaking. Some, though, are not so straightforward. For example, a particle board roof decking will often cause leaks to flow down to the nearest joint. The leak in your shingles, too, may not be directly aligned with the leak in the decking.

Temporarily Stop the Leak

Products such as roofing tape or roofing cement are specifically made to hold off leaks for a time—if you’ve got those in your toolbox, go to town with damage control. If, however, you lack these, not all is lost; a tarp and some staples and nails can help mitigate the damage both in the attic and on the shingles.

If you choose to go up on your roof to stop a leak from the outside, use common sense! Don’t climb up in a rainstorm, and wear rubber-soled shoes for extra grip. Remember, perfection isn’t necessary here. You’re just holding off the worst of the destruction until help arrives.

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