Are you looking into a new roof? You’ve come to the right place! Perfect Exteriors, as a Monticello team of roofers and exterior contractors, is the perfect solution for any of your roofing needs. As a versatile and customer-focused company, we pride ourselves on finding the perfect roofing solution for each one of our customers. Due to inherent compositional differences, some roofing materials might work better for some households and lifestyles than others, and it’s our duty as home exterior contractors to both inform you of this and help you choose wisely, both from a financial and functional standpoint.

This is exactly what we hope to do in this blog post. Though a consultation with us is the only way we can address your individual case, it never hurts to assess your roofing options, as far as material goes, before you stop in. You’ll be ahead of the game—though rest assured, we’ll explain anything you might not understand!

If you want to learn about your roofing options, you’re in the right place. Below we’ll discuss cedar shake roofing, which is one of the materials we offer and provide a bit of insight as to if it could be right for you.

Cedar Shake Roofing: The Basics

What’s cedar shake roofing? If you just look at the name, it might remain a mystery to you; “cedar shake” sounds like some sort of dance! In reality, cedar shake roofing is roofing made of cedar shingles, often treated with chemicals to protect against fire or other hazards. The minute differences in every piece of wood can lend your home a unique, natural look.

Before purchasing cedar shake roofing from any roofing company, keep in mind the following;

  • These roofs do require maintenance | Because cedar shake roofing is made out of an organic material, wood, you’ll need to inspect it periodically for insect infestations. To maintain its aesthetic, you’ll also need to give it a cleaning with a pressure washer every few years.
  • You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood | Cedar shake roofing is gorgeous, and there’s simply no getting around that fact. With the proper care, your cedar shake roofing will render your house the belle of the neighborhood.
  • Invest in quality roofers for installation | Cedar shake roofing, due to the inherently uneven nature of the shingles, requires the services of skilled roofing companies like Perfect Exteriors for installation. Vet your roofer thoroughly before making your decision!

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