Winter can be rough on your roof. Rain can pound on the roof and snow and ice can build up on the roof. As such, it is important to get roof ready for spring and to ensure it is not damaged. Doing this ensures that there is no lasting damage and helps your roof to last as long as possible. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know how to get their roof ready for warmer weather. Here are three tips to help you get your roof ready for spring. 

Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected

Getting a roof inspection is a vital part of getting your roof ready for spring. When you have a regular roof inspection, it helps keep maintenance cost down in the long run. This is because a roof inspector can help detect such things as leaks, wear and tear, as well as structural problems. Having a regular roof inspection can also help extend the life of your roof.

Clean Your Roof

Another step in getting your roof ready for spring is having your roof cleaned. Things such as residue build up, mildew and birds nest can really have a significant effect on the lifespan of your roof. These items can shorten the lifespan of exterior materials such as shingles, shakes, tiles and panels. The roofer will clean your entire roof thoroughly ensuring all debris and residue has been cleared out. 

Clean Your Gutters

The final step in getting your roof ready for spring is having your gutters cleaned. When a professional cleans your gutters, they are removing debris and residue that has built up over the winter months. This debris such as sticks, dirt and leaves prevents water from flowing freely and weighs the gutter down. This can cause the gutters to split at the seams and water to flow over the top of the gutter itself. Preventing these problems not only extends the life of your gutters but your roof, siding and foundation as well.

Are you looking to get your roof ready for spring? Having your roof inspected, having your roof cleaned and having your gutters cleaned by a professional ensures your roof is ready for spring. Here at Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota, we can help you. We offer roofing, siding, window and gutter service. Contact us today to get started or to schedule a roof inspection.