Summer is officially on its last legs. Yes, we know, we don’t want to think about it either! But as exterior contractors we’re always looking ahead to the next season, helping our clients shore up their home’s defenses to weather the time ahead. Which is why we’re here to chat about winter—winter and your roof, to be exact.

three things to do to your roof before winter hits

Proper winterization is one of the most important maintenance tasks on your roof care to-do list; we don’t need to tell you how hard the season is here! Below, our team of home exterior contractors has a helpful how-to on getting started preparing for the toughest time of the year.

Repair Any Summer Storm Damage

It’s easy to put things like hail damage off; after all, since they’re not as imminently dire as, say, making your daily appointments, they can quickly fall by the wayside. That being said, it’s imperative that you see a storm damage contractor before the cold season, so call up a pro today.

Though your roof may not be leaking or irrevocably damaged right now, it only takes a bit of fall rain or winter snow load to push it to that point, as moisture finds its way through your shingles’ broken defences and creates the perfect environment for mold.

Gutter Maintenance

Aren’t we talking about roofing? You may ask. We absolutely are! Neglect your gutters, though, and it’s none other than your roof that will face the consequences. Gutters that are left clogged and dilapidated through the fall set the perfect stage for ice dams, for example; as debris freezes, snow backs up behind it, thus creating space on your relatively warm roof for water to collect.

You know your home gutter system the best, but we always recommend seasonal cleaning. Trust us: your roof will thank you!

Tackle Your Trees

When winter rolls in, you’ll be dealing with quite a bit of snow load on your roof; you don’t need any heavy branches adding to the problem! Your home is of course designed to handle some precipitation—this is Minnesota, after all—but trees that scrape or lean over your home aren’t accounted for. Before the first snow hits and things get slippery, do some much-needed pruning, or call a pro arborist out to do it for you.

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