Some people find looking through client reviews tedious, but when you want a roofing contractor worth hiring, it’s important to take your time and read reviews and testimonials. Here’s why:

Client Reviews

It Paints a More Accurate Picture

Honest client feedback paints a more accurate depiction of a company’s customer service. If what you read or hear about the company conflicts with what you’re reading on their website, then you may want to move on and look for another company. Sources also matter certain sites like the Better Business Bureau® (BBB) ensure accuracy by only allowing reviews from verified clients as well as providing a platform where contractors can address issues directly.

It should be noted that when reviewing client reviews that you should never rely on at-a-glance summaries, such as average star ratings. Take time to read through customer comments so you know what aspect of the contractor’s service is lacking.

It Lets You See How a Contractor Handles Concerns

A trustworthy roofing company will make the effort to reach out to their clients, address their complaints and make it right. While these complaints are often resolved between contractor and client, the latter will more often than not update their review to reflect their experience. A courteous and personalized response speaks volumes about how much a contractor cares about their clients. A timely reply also indicates reliability and readiness, two factors that you will want your contractor to have if you need them for roofing emergencies.

Our Client Reviews

In addition to online reviews found elsewhere, we encourage our clients to leave their testimonials on our website. All comments are accessible to potential customers to review at their convenience. These testimonials are not edited or filtered, and what you can see on our site is what our clients honestly think of our products and services.

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