If you’re awaiting a roof from Perfect Exteriors, rest assured that you’re awaiting excellence! No matter if you’re investing in reliable asphalt roofing or stately cedar shake roofing, you’ll enjoy the great workmanship you’ve come to expect from Monticello’s top exterior contractor—not to mention the great service.

However, in the coming days you’re going to have an entire team of workers walking around and hammering on the top of your house while your roof sheds various amounts of debris. That might require some preparation on your part! While we’re the quickest and most courteous team of roofers around, you still might find the following comfort-boosting, efficiency-bolstering tips of use.

Clear Your Home’s Exterior

No, your roofers don’t need things to look gorgeous to get to work. They just need safe access to your home’s roof.

Of course, they’ll bring scaffolding and ladders, but you can streamline their workspace by putting away”

  • Children’s toys
  • Vehicles
  • Grills
  • Outdoor furniture

As a bonus, this extra cleaning will make your yard look spacious and tidy, and it keeps all of your belongings safe from roofing debris. Quite a win-win, we think!

Don’t Forget Your Interior

At Perfect Exteriors, we work hard to remain as unobtrusive as possible when repairing or replacing your roof; that being said, our work is dusty. There’s just no other way to say it!

Just to be sure treasured family heirlooms and the like are safe, breeze through your attic a few days before the roofing team is scheduled to arrive. Is there anything up there that you’d mind getting a little dirty?

Make it a point, also, to pull anything valuable or fragile off or away from the walls. Things tend to shake a little when roofers hammer down new shingles, and we’d hate to be the reason your favorite shadowbox, photo frame, or keepsake shatters.

Consider Noise-Averse Individuals

Do you have young or special-needs family members? Pets that dislike loud noise? Do your neighbors? Figure out accommodations or inform those who are pertinent far ahead of time.

Scrambling to find doggy daycare or reasonable housing at the last minute is stressful beyond belief; if you can help your loved ones or neighbors avoid this, it’s only common courtesy. Home is your entire community, after all!

Perfect Exteriors Has All Your Roofing Needs Covered

We’re devoted to make this big exterior change as seamless—and exciting!—as possible. For roofers who know their way around their tools and customer service, give our Monticello office a call today at 763-271-8700.