When it’s time to get a new roof, many people instantly choose asphalt shingles due to their relatively low price and wide availability. However, they’re not the only option for homeowners these days. Here are a couple of other major options offered by roofing companies, and why you should consider them before going ahead with a shingle replacement:

Cedar Shakes

These work much like shingles, but they are unique in several ways. The first is that they are made of actual cedar wood. This natural material is beautiful, and thanks to its rarity, it makes your house stand out in a good way. Cedar resists rot, and left to its own devices, will weather to a gray patina. It’s a great choice if you want your home to look natural, and we are proud to offer this option here at Perfect Exteriors.

Each cedar shake is an individual piece and is installed to overlap its lower neighbor in a way similar to shingles. Because of this, roofing companies charge a bit more for its installation, as well as for the material itself. However, those who choose these find it well worth it to get the beautiful results.


Metal roofing is popular in areas with high winds, which speaks to its ability to resist being blown off. It is also resistant to water leaks since, regardless of design, it actually comes in the form of big panels instead of overlapping small pieces. Finally, it is treated so that it will not corrode for many, many years. A metal roof can last for 20-40 years. This makes it a clear first-choice option for those who want a nearly invincible roof.

Appearance-wise, metal roofs come in designs ranging from simple to shockingly fancy. This is possible because the metal options are forged in a variety of designs and are available in a huge array of colors. Here at Perfect Exteriors, we are happy to offer choices you’ll be proud to have covering your home’s roof.

A similar principle applies to color options. Plain galvanized is usually the cheapest color, but it isn’t appealing and is best saved for warehouses or sheds. Meanwhile, upscale versions are richly colored; you can get anything from bright red to deep brown. Often, large homes will take advantage of the wide range of options to make the color and shape of the metal roof an important part of the exterior design.

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