mn contractors can tell the benefits of installing a new roof

As monthly energy costs increase, homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to save on their gas and electric bills. In many cases, the first place homeowners should look is their roof, as this may give them energy savings. You’re not alone if you are thinking, “Will a new roof save energy?”

So, does a new roof help energy efficiency? The answer is, unequivocally, yes. A new roof built with the right materials will increase your home’s energy efficiency, which will, in turn, give you energy savings. Keep reading to find out exactly how you can cut your monthly energy costs by making a few critical decisions when installing a new roof.

How Will a New Roof Save Energy Costs?

As your home ages, your roofing materials will slowly begin to break down. Shingles may loosen, wood beams might rot, and moisture or hot air can introduce mold or leaks. In addition, drafty windows, improperly insulated areas, and poorly sealed holes can cause outside air to enter your attic or crawlspace. 

The answer to these problems is a new roof made with energy-efficient materials. These materials will keep your heated or conditioned air in and the outside air out, increasing your home’s energy efficiency. When you work with Perfect Exteriors, you’ll find the most reputable roofing brands and high-quality materials to secure your home. In addition, manufacturer warranties backup all of our products.

But will a new roof save energy costs? Here are some different aspects of new roof energy savings that will give you money back on your monthly energy bill.

Install Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is one of the first things you should consider when seeking new roof energy savings and increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Proper ventilation in your roof and attic prevents hot air from building up under your roof, allowing your internal temperature to remain stable. 

When installing your new roof, professional roofers will place ventilation in all the right areas with your input. For example, you could choose to have them install power vents or turbine vents to draw hot air out of your attic. This will ensure fresh air flows through, and hot air circulates out.

Use Sunlight-Reflecting Shingles

Another effective energy-saving trick is using solar reflecting shingles. Although the thought of black or dark brown shingles reflecting sunlight might seem odd, modern technology has made it possible. If you’re asking “Does a new roof help energy efficiency?” just consider how much we’ve upgraded our energy technology in the past few decades! 

Today’s roofing shingles contain materials that reflect sunlight away from your home. Solar reflection minimizes the amount of heat that invades your home, allowing you to keep those energy costs down while also raising up your home’s energy efficiency and energy savings.

Choose the Right Color

MN Contractors will help you to select right color shade shingles

Speaking of shingle color, you should also choose a shade appropriate for your region. Although solar-reflecting shingles exist in all colors, lighter shingles are best in hotter areas and darker shingles are ideal for cold regions.

Lighter shingles that can also reflect sunlight are perfect if you want to keep conditioned air inside. Conversely, dark shingles can absorb more sunlight and will ensure the hot air flowing through your house doesn’t cool when it blows under your roof, which will help with energy efficiency and give you energy savings.

Select the Right Materials

In addition to rot, one of the main causes of roof failure in older homes is old roofing shingles. Outdated shingles don’t hold up to the elements as well as those made with modern materials. After a while, they’ll begin to crumble, buckle, crack, and loosen, leaving bald spots on your roof that absorb outside air.

Will a new roof save energy? If you’re getting a new, 21st-century roof, the first place to start is with new shingles. Modern shingles offer better insulating materials, higher stability, and more metal components that provide added protection from wind, heat, and snow, which all help increase your home’s energy efficiency. With upgraded shingles, you won’t spend as much energy cooling or heating your home, increasing your energy savings. 

Energy Star Rating

If you’ve purchased a new appliance in the last ten to 15 years, you’ve probably seen that “Energy Star” sticker. Energy Star is the ideal source to reference when choosing all types of building materials, including roofing components. 

Talk to your roofer about using Energy Star-rated materials, which can significantly lower your roof’s surface temperature. A lower surface temperature prevents hot air from seeping into your home while lowering monthly energy bills and giving you energy savings. Energy-focused roofing materials ensure that the answer to the question, “Does a new roof help with energy efficiency?” is a yes.

How to Choose the Right Roof

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to increase your roof’s energy efficiency and lower your bills. However, the right materials don’t always mean you’ll get the best roof. To ensure your roof suits your needs, consider your location, materials, and your contractor.


Not all climates are the same, which is why not all roofs are created equal. For example, if your home is in the desert, your roofing materials won’t match those of a home in the frigid Midwest. When thinking, “Does a new roof help with energy efficiency?”, you should always consider the climate of your location. 

That being the case, talk to your contractor about what’ll suit your home best. A contractor from Perfect Exteriors will have suggestions for shingles, insulation, and other materials to ensure your interior stays comfortable.


Although asphalt shingles are the default for many homes, there are several other options to choose from, including:

  • Wood
  • Clay
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Slate
  • Solar

Your shingle choice will likely depend on what aesthetic you’re going for and what will work best for your location. 

For example, metal roofs offer excellent protection against the cold Minneapolis winters. They also last longer, which makes them the perfect choice if you want to avoid a roof replacement as long as possible. In addition, Perfect Exteriors provides a variety of colors, ensuring your home will look its best for years to come. 

On the other hand, asphalt shingles are the old standard for a reason. They look great, protect your home from the elements, and keep the outside air where it belongs–outside. At Perfect Exteriors, we use GAF asphalt shingles, which provide even more protection against our icy winters.


Perhaps the most important factor when installing a new roof is your contractor. At Perfect Exteriors, you’ll find highly skilled and trusted contractors serving the Twin Cities region. We use top-quality materials for all our projects to ensure your home is comfortable and energy efficient and to provide you energy savings.

Does a New Roof Help Energy Efficiency?

new roof help energy efficiency

Making changes to your house for new roof energy savings is an excellent choice if you want to trim your monthly bills. Not only will a proper roof save you money, as it will increase your home’s energy efficiency, but it’ll make your home more comfortable, too.

Will a new roof save energy and, in turn, save you money? With Perfect Exteriors, the answer is always yes. If you’re ready to discuss installing an energy-efficient roof on your home, contact Perfect Exteriors today for a free estimate.