Most people have heard about cedar shake roofs because they have been popular for centuries. Learning more about them is interesting. This guide will help you decide if a new roof made of cedar shakes will be the best choice for your home.

How are cedar shakes made?

Cedar shakes are handmade. Usually, one side of a cedar shake is purposefully left as a rough-hewn split from a large block of cedar wood. This natural surface texture gives cedar shakes their distinctive look. Most shakes are finished for uniformity by being cut with a power saw on the underside. This makes a nice level surface that helps with roof installations.

Is this real wood?

Yes, cedar shakes are a real wood product. Cedar is a great wood choice for roofing because it has a natural deterrent to insects and resists mold or fungus. Bugs do not like the smell of cedar.

Does this material create a fire hazard?

Any product made from wood will burn. Cedar shakes may be chemically treated with fire retardants to improve fire resistance.

How long do cedar shake roofs last?

Cedar has natural preservatives in the wood that resist decay. Cedar can also be pressure-treated with chemicals that extend its useful life. It is common for high-quality cedar roofs, which are properly installed, to last for 30 to 40 years.

How well does cedar shake roofing hold up in winter?

Cedar roofs are very durable and create a strong barrier against winter cold. If the cedar shakes are left untreated, they will change to a slightly gray color over time as they get stronger from exposure to harsh weather. Of all the natural roofing materials, cedar probably has the best resistance to winter weather.

Cedar Shakes Used as a Decorative Element

Cedar shakes can also be used with other types of roofing materials to provide a beautiful contrast. For example, a roof may be asphalt shingles and the upper portion of the home’s siding under the roof sheaths can be finished with cedar shakes. This provides a dramatic look that many find very attractive for a luxury home.

Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

If you already have a cedar shake roof and you need repairs to be made or cedar shakes to be replaced we do this work as well.

Give us a call to discuss your roofing and exterior renovations, so we can provide more information about cedar shakes and give you a free estimate.