So, you’ve already found the best roofing material for your home and other specific requirements, and hired the best roofing contractor in town. Everything’s been scheduled and planned, but is your home prepped for the upcoming project? Read on as we share with you some tips on preparing your home so you can have a  hassle-free roof replacement project.

Getting a New Roof - Preparing Your Home for Installation Day

Perform an In-Depth Inspection

Naturally, your roofer would have inspected your roofing system before you signed a contract and any work begins. However, it is not only the roof that needs to be inspected, but other parts and components of the home as well. More specifically, you need to have an inspector come in to see if your property can safely accommodate a new roof or if there are other non-roofing issues that have to be addressed first, such as problems with the plumbing or electrical.

Double-Check the Schedule

Before the set installation date, make sure that it will not be in conflict with other important occasions or events in your life. This means freeing up your schedule for Day 1, if not the entire duration of the project if you can.

Add Budget Allowance

Even if the price of the project has already been determined, it will still be wise to have some money set aside for contingencies. While no one ever really expects anything untoward to happen and every reputable roofer does all they can to prepare for the project, it is still best to be ready for the unexpected.

Prepare Your Home’s Interior and Exterior

While your roofer may take some precautions for you, you can facilitate the installation by removing hanging items in the work area, such as chandeliers, frames, painting and mirrors. You also need to secure other ornaments and anything that might fall or get knocked loose. Outside, see to it that your landscaping and outdoor furniture are covered.

Roof replacement doesn’t have to be a source of stress or tension. As long as you choose the right roofing material and work with the right professionals, you are sure to enjoy roof replacement success, making the most of your investment.