In a variety of home renovation trades, a contractor is required to be licenced—and it’s often quite an extensive process. Just check out the roofing company licencing requirements from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry!

This lengthy affair ensures that homeowners across the state are kept safe and are guaranteed a certain high quality of work. With all that licencing encompasses, then, why would an exterior contractor choose to pursue additional certifications, such as becoming a GAF Certified Installer?

Perfect Exteriors—a GAF-Certified Installer—has the answers below.

choosing an exterior contractor

Certifications Grant a Contractor Brand-Specific Expertise

Siding and roofing companies are constantly innovating, creating new products to solve industry problems and changing the way that their products are installed. Going directly to a company and completing that company’s certification requirements helps a roofer to better understand the latest and greatest products, as well as to learn the company’s preferred craftsmanship style inside and out.

It’s why, when you can, you should always hire a home renovation contractor that possesses certification in a given brand or area—they’ll know it better than a non-accredited one will.

Certifications Help Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Because contractors who are certified know a given sector of exterior do better work than their non-certified counterparts, they’ll be able to give higher-quality results, which in turn guarantees higher degrees of customer satisfaction.

For you as a customer, this is beneficial; you want your roofer, siding installation contractor, or storm damage specialist to know what they’re doing!

It’s also good for business. Great results speak for themselves, though happy customers certainly are vocal ones.

Certifications Give an Exterior Contractor Versatility

Though, as we said, the exterior renovation industry is constantly improving itself, this still doesn’t happen overnight. Plus, many renovations are designed to be in it for the long haul, lasting a homeowner for decades.

The more certifications a contractor accumulates over time, then, the wider variety of materials—both cutting-edge and old—they will be able to service, thus broadening their customer base and giving them the ability to help more people.

Perfect Exteriors: All your Exterior Needs, Satisfied

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