From gorgeous amenities to welcoming neighbors, the HOA life sure has its perks! For many, just knowing their property value is protected by a well-maintained atmosphere is reason enough to move into one, but many also enjoy the built-in social network and the ability to use their voice to make their community a better place.

However, HOAs are also known for their rules and regulations, which can be tricky to follow to a T, especially if you’re hiring an exterior contractor to make some sort of change to your home. If you’re in this boat, read on; Perfect Exteriors, Monticello home exterior contractors, is here with what you need to know before beginning an exterior home renovation of any sort.

Every HOA is Different When it Comes to What Exterior Remodeling Contractors Do

First and foremost: consult your neighborhood’s CC&Rs. These governing documents let you know exactly what you can and can’t do when it comes to your planned renovation. Every HOA is different and requires a different pre-approval process, so these will be your to-the-letter guide for how to proceed with your planned renovations.

Generally speaking, though, you can expect the following from your HOA:

  • They’ll want to know about the professional you’ve hired for the task | The quality of the given exterior home contractor doesn’t just affect you; it also affects the property values of surrounding homes, as well as the neighborhood’s image. Of course, your HOA cares about who is going to work on your house! If you hire an exterior contractor with certifications like us, though, you and the board will probably come to an agreement.
  • Your color and style options might be limited | Bylaws can set restrictions on what kind of, say, siding, you can put on your house, to promote a unified neighborhood aesthetic. While again, all HOAs are different, it’s good to expect that you’ll be working within some limits when it comes to stylistic options.
  • Not getting approval is, suffice it to say, not a wise move | If you decide to go ahead with work the HOA has not approved of, the HOA could require it to be redone, even if the finished job is of high quality. Avoid financial strain and a cranky HOA and get everything pre-approved.

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