You’ve just installed new roofing, siding, or windows—and now that the exterior contractor has left, the fun part begins: decorating! Indeed, you’d be hard-pressed to find a homeowner who doesn’t want to take advantage of a fresh new renovation and get their home looking just as swanky.

But decorating with a new renovation can pose a challenge; it’s a new part of your exterior design that you haven’t worked with before, after all! Perfect Exteriors, your Monticello exterior remodeling contractors, are here with some tips below on how to create outdoor decor harmony.

Go Wild With Greenery

There isn’t a home around that can’t be spruced up by the addition of a few trees or plants. From the tame, potted zinnia to the wild-armed spider plant, any species can add a soothing touch to your home’s exterior. Don’t be afraid to get into botany for the sake of decorating your home.

A few cautions, though: pick plants that you know you can care for. Overgrown foliage is more than a cosmetic issue; woodsier types, if overgrown, can actually scrape up your siding and roof, resulting in you needing to call your siding company for repairs. Talk about a bummer!

Also, take care to plant trees a sufficient distance from your foundation and plumbing lines. Though they can serve as wonderful centerpieces for your yard and accents to your home, their roots can be destructive in the right circumstances.

Saving Money Can Look Great

With a little DIY spirit and a sense of adventure, you can customize pre-existing outdoor furniture to meet your new stylistic standards. Painter’s tape and spray paint from a home improvement store can go a long way towards changing the style of a piece, after all.

And if you’re super low on funds? A thrift store find plus some disinfectant and fresh color can more than suffice as a chic bit of outdoor decor that perfectly expresses your style.

Mind the Clutter

Though it’s tempting to see your exterior home contractor’s work and visualize your home as if it were in a magazine, real life can get a little more messy than that. Pre-existing furniture that might not be the prettiest, like grills and trash cans, might need to be worked into the design, so pick new pieces that either hide them or store them. You want your gorgeous new renovation to take centerstage, after all!

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