January is here! If you live in any region of the Midwest—Minnesota especially—your home is probably feeling a little under-the-weather from all of this snow. Even with proper winterization and durable products from a reputable exterior contractor, the fact of the matter is that, sometimes, Mother Nature is not kind to our homes. The result of her wrath can look like anything from leaky roofs to missing siding boards, and sometimes, there isn’t much at all you can do to prevent it.

However, there’s still plenty you can do to repair your home. Below, Perfect Exteriors, a home exterior contractor with expertise in everything from siding to windows, describes some common problems winter weather may have wrought on your home’s exterior, as well as what you can do to remedy them.

Water, Wind, and Snow: The Winter Damage Trio

When it comes to Midwestern winters, homeowners need to be primarily concerned with three things: water damage, wind damage, and snow damage. Snow can pile up and cause strain on roofs, and winter winds can open the door for water damage underneath your siding. Your home will stay much stronger through poor weather with the proper winterization procedures and regular attention from an exterior home contractor. Research both of these (consulting our blog can help) as they apply to your region, and you’ll have the beginnings of the knowledge you need to keep your home safe from all kinds of winter weather.

Aside from that, how is the discerning and conscientious homeowner to get their home through a particularly nasty winter?

  • Don’t bargain shop for contractors. And never trust someone who comes to your door to solicit your purchasing of their services after a storm. Aside from being horribly unprofessional, these people most likely aren’t getting the business they need for a reason. Always go with a reputable exterior contractor, as determined by consulting their online reviews.
  • Don’t attempt repairs or replacements yourself. This is especially true when it comes to your roof. Countless things could go wrong, from slipping and injuring yourself to making the pre-existing problem worse. Roofers exist for a reason, after all! 
  • Take note of how you can improve on your winterization process. It can be hard to accept that you made a mistake when it comes to home maintenance, but we’re all only human. The best thing you can do is contact an exterior contractor and act with your hard-earned knowledge in mind in the future.

Perfect Exteriors is Here to Help Your Home

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