If you live in the Midwest, you don’t need to be told twice that the winters are hard here. Even the most well-prepared homes can take a beating in our severe climate. What’s worse, the spring season also brings its fair share of weather hazards, and if your home has struggled to get through winter, how on Earth is it ever supposed to get through the spring? Your gutters, in particular, must hold up against a good deal of damage come wintertime. Cold temperatures are hard on metal gutters. Ice dams, too, are not your gutters’ friend, as the excess weight of the ice can subject them to unnecessary strain.

Because your gutters are so crucial to directing spring meltwater and rain away from your home, which prevents moisture damage, it’s in your best interest to give your gutters a checkup at the beginning of spring to determine if they’re ready to handle the wet weather. Perfect Exteriors is here to help. As home exterior contractors and providers of gutter installation services, we know what a well-kept home exterior and gutter system look like. Below, we’ll discuss how to know if your gutters have held up through the winter weather, and what to do if they haven’t.

Your Gutters Should Look Good-As-New This Spring

As a general rule of thumb, when you look at your gutters, you shouldn’t feel disgusted or disappointed with their appearance. Go with what your gut tells you! If your gutters just don’t “look right” come spring, chances are, something’s up. If you still doubt yourself, just give Perfect Exteriors a call! We offer free, no-obligation inspections to anyone in need.

A few signs of a struggling spring gutter system include the following:

  • Cracks | Yes, even hairline ones! Gutters are designed to be a watertight tube that directs rain and meltwater away from your home without losing any along the way. Even the smallest crack is an indication that something could be about to fail. Either excessive snow weight or ice buildup can cause this problem.
  • Downspouts with debris or ice stuck inside | Generally speaking, your downspout is the part of your gutters that spans vertically from your home to ground level. If the spring snowmelt has been patchy this year, ice or snow can stick in this part of your gutter system, which prevents efficient drainage. 
  • Gutters that pull away from your home | This also can be due to ice or snow buildup. Metal gutters have the potential to bend away from prolonged pressure. This problem tends to require the help of a gutter repair specialist.

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