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Window Company Monticello MNDo you need replacement windows for your home? Turn to the area’s top window company! Monticello, MN residents call upon the experts at Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota for window installations and other projects, including skylights, siding, guttering, roofing, insulation and beyond.

As you select your replacement windows, you’ll want to consider the energy efficiency of your windows as the right windows can cut your heating and cooling expenses by ten percent or more!

There are lots of different features that impact a window’s energy efficiency. Frame material and construction is one factor. Some frames are solid, while others are hollow, and others still contain insulation.

Double pane glass is an important feature, as the void between the two panels serves as an insulator. The most high efficiency windows have a gas injection in the void to enhance the insulation effect, along with spacers that maintain the void and seal the area where the glass meets the frame.

Glass coatings will also improve your home’s energy efficiency. Low e glass can prevent heat and harmful rays from entering your home, thereby reducing your energy costs.

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If you’re ready to install replacement windows, turn to the favorite Minnesota window company! Monticello, MN residents who work with our team here at Perfect Exteriors can rest assured knowing that we guarantee our workmanship. Also, we’re fully licensed and insured.

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