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Siding Contractor St. Michael MNBefore you call a siding contractor St. Michael MN you may want to have a basic understanding of your choices in home siding. There are reasons why certain materials are no longer in use and not recommended by a contractor, and why a contractor may prefer to use a more expensive type of siding material above and beyond the cost. Ultimately it will be your choice as the homeowner when it comes to the type of siding installed on your home, so consider some basics about these options.

1. The discontinued and unpopular choices.

Asbestos siding was at one time available for homeowners but this option has been discontinued because of the danger of the material itself. Fiberglass and hardboard composite are also available but very rarely used because they are not as durable and easy to work with as the more popular option of vinyl. These materials are more flimsy so they’re rarely offered for a full siding replacement job today.

If you have fiberglass siding and only need certain areas repaired, your contractor may be able to accommodate but in some cases it may actually be more cost effective to simply replace all your siding with something more durable. Very old fiberglass and hardboard composite will continue to bend and warp once it’s been compromised, so newer materials are a better investment in your home’s overall protection.

2. The most popular choice your contractor may offer.

Vinyl is probably the most popular option for siding today because it is durable but lightweight. It’s virtually impossible to bend vinyl the way you can bend fiberglass, so it’s more likely to hold up under extreme weather conditions and to resist dents and dings. Vinyl is also easier to paint as it holds enamel better, so a homeowner can change the color of their home’s exterior quickly and easily with vinyl siding.

A section of vinyl siding is also very easy to repair and replace, which is also why it’s a popular option for homeowners. A section of dented or cut vinyl siding can be removed with a special siding snip tool or even tin snips, and a new section can be put into place very quickly.

Consider these choices when you talk with a siding contractor St. Michael MN. This will ensure your home is protected and you make the most cost-effective decision as well.

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