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Residential Roofing Company Big Lake MN- Help With Insurance Claims

Residential Roofing Company Big Lake MN

After a big storm insurance claims for roofing issues escalates. Insurance companies quickly become overburdened and you sit and wait to get your roof repairs approved. A dependable professional residential roofing company Big Lake MN can help you to navigate the insurance claims process and get your roof back to tip top shape in no time.

As the number of claims rise after a big storm, the response time of the insurance claim adjusters slow down considerably. A lot of people are afraid to do any work to their roof until the adjuster comes to see the damage. There are certain steps that you can and should take to reduce the level of damage to your property.

Using a reliable residential roofing company in Big Lake MN can help you to secure your property from further damage.

What Can You Do?

A lot of homeowners are stumped as to what they can and should do in the case where the roof is potentially a total loss or even in cases where part of the roof is damaged. There are certain things that you should take care of to prevent further damage to the property and to avoid a hassle with the insurance company.

  1. Use tarps to cover up any holes, missing shingles or visible damage.
  2. Move any furnishings, items or goods that are directly under the damaged area.
  3. Call your insurance company as soon as the incidence occurs.
  4. Your second call should be to a professional residential roofing company in Big Lake MN.

Most homeowner’s insurance companies request that you use tarps to cover up the roof to keep out the elements however you should never risk your own safety. You should also move and furnishings, goods or items that are directly beneath the damaged area to minimize damage to your personal effects.

Call your insurance company first than call in a professional. While the insurance company/adjuster wants you to prevent further damage to the property and your goods it can be a very dangerous endeavor to cover the areas with a tarp. Call in a professional that can provide damage control and that can give you an estimate for repairs right on the spot that you can supply your insurance adjuster with.

Having a quick estimate in hand when your adjuster shows up can help you to negotiate more effectively. Also keep in mind that you can choose any roofing contractor that you want, your insurance company cannot dictate to you, who you have to use.

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