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A sturdy foundation, excellent siding, and outstanding roofing make the core factors that constitute a perfect commercial property. As your ultimate Bloomington roofing contractor, Perfect Exteriors understands the technical and aesthetic need for a functional and attractive roof. We work with experts with over 35 years of experience to give our clients a roof they are proud of.

Our quality commercial roofing contractor in Bloomington focuses on providing premium-quality installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services. We use top-quality materials and techniques to ensure durability and higher resilience to harsh elements while ensuring the roof blends effectively with the home’s style.

Whether you prefer metal over asphalt shingle roofs or cedar shakes, Perfect Exteriors is the contractor to trust. Here are our top services, including reasons we are the best local roofing contractor.

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While roofs last long, they experience the worst hit from the harsh weather. Unsurprisingly, your once sturdy, beautiful roof looks shattered beyond repairs. Destroyed roofs, especially in business premises, require urgent attention from a professional Bloomington roof replacement expert.

That’s where Perfect Exteriors comes in. We’re a team of experienced, passionate commercial and residential roofing experts. We understand how significant commercial roofs are to your business’ flawless operations. Thus, we move quickly to ensure you get the best services from the finest Bloomington roofing company.


Commercial properties have varied uses and unique specifications on space and roofing. The contractor you choose to do your Bloomington commercial roof installation should understand the specific requirements of your business and structure.

Perfect Exteriors is your best bet. With over 35 years in business, chances are high that we’ve handled a similar project and know precisely what your commercial roof installation in Bloomington requires.

Our Bloomington roofing company has experience working on different commercial roofs using various materials. Our installation starts with a free roof inspection, an expert estimate, and installation. Our step-by-step project completion process ensures everything runs smoothly.

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Asphalt is the most common roofing and shingles material for homeowners and Bloomington roofing contractors in Minnesota, thanks to its durability, affordability, and ease of installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement. Its resilience to harsh elements, including extreme winds and temperatures, makes it the best solution for the harsh Minnesotan climate.

Asphalt also boosts the beauty and aesthetic features of your commercial building. 

Are you considering hiring a Bloomington roofing company experienced in installing Asphalt roofs and shingles? Let the Perfect Exteriors experts handle the project for excellent results within your timeline. As your expert Bloomington roofing contractor, we know how best to bring out the aesthetic features of asphalt and turn your project into a masterpiece.


Your commercial property will survive the harsh Minnesotan winters and winds if you invest in high-quality roofs and get reputable experts to handle the projects. That explains why most commercial homeowners prefer metal roofing in Bloomington.

Metal roofs are adequately strong and durable, limiting the emotional and financial distress of repairing these structures. With proper installation and inspection, you can count on the metal roofs to serve you up to four times longer than other options.

Are you looking for an excellent Bloomington roofing contractor for your commercial property? You can never go wrong with Perfect Exteriors. We have a technically-capable team with vast experience installing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing commercial metal roofs in Bloomington and beyond.

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Unlike other commercial roofing options, cedar shakes give your property lasting beauty and improvement to the curb appeal. Similarly, cedar shake roofs are highly affordable and durable.

Their resistance to insects and rot also ensures your Bloomington commercial roof gives you value for your money. At Perfect Exteriors, we put in the effort to ensure that you get real value and stability from your cedar shake roofs. Let your ultimate commercial Bloomington roofing contractor handle your cedar shakes roof installation, maintenance, repair, or replacements.


Minnesota is a beautiful place to stay and do business. However, its location makes it a frequent receiver of common storms, including high winds, tornadoes, floods, hail, and lightning. According to the Department of Natural Resources, tornado occurrences in Minnesota hit 2,052 between 1950 and 2020.

Given the harsh aftermaths of these storms, it’s no surprise that your property’s roof will be the most affected. The frequency means you can’t approximate when the next storm will occur. Having the contact details of a reliable Bloomington commercial roofing contractor in your phone’s speed dial list is much safer.

Thorough and timely inspection and repair after a storm will help you ascertain your commercial property’s safety and ensure the damages don’t extend to costly reparations.

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Perfect Exteriors has over three decades of helping commercial property owners in Bloomington with roofing installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement projects. We have remained at the top of our customers’ preference list due to our vast experience and professionalism. Other reasons you may want to consider us as your best Bloomington commercial roofing contractor include the following.


At Perfect Exteriors, we prioritize our customer’s needs and interests. Meeting your needs and surpassing your expectations at each project is the wheel that keeps us moving.

Our customer service team is highly professional, warm, and knowledgeable. We answer your questions satisfactorily and exhaustively. Contact your ultimate Bloomington roofing contractor today and get information about our services, discuss your needs, or have a free inspection.

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Perfect Exteriors’ roofing contractors in Bloomington believe that great experience extends beyond words. Our craft is at par excellence in project delivery, time consciousness, and tidiness.

We respect your space and acknowledge the importance of your setup. Our team ensures that every aspect of our operations doesn’t affect you. We keep our working area clean and organized before, during, and after operations.

We’re attentive to detail, ensuring your project completion process passes through all necessary steps and comes to an excellent finish.

Free COMMERCIAL Roof Estimate and Inspection for BLOOMINGTON MN

Are you interested in hiring the best Bloomington commercial roofing contractor? Try Perfect Exteriors for a free roof estimate and inspection in Bloomington.

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If you think you’ve got roof damage or need a roof replacement, don’t delay. Make ours the first number you call! Request a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate at 763-271-8700. Our office is open to receive your call Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, plus extended weekday hours and Saturdays by appointment. You can also get in touch with us through our contact form.

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Chuck Mapes
Chuck Mapes
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What an easy and flawless experience. Paul was incredible to work with. He provided timely updates of progress and the finished product was impeccable. Extremely impressed.
 Paul LaBissoniere
Paul LaBissoniere
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Good experience for sure. Would use them again.
Tricia Hansen
Tricia Hansen
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Derrick was fantastic and the crew did a great job on our roof.
Deb Friedhoff
Deb Friedhoff
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We also purchased new siding due to storm damage. Josh Smith was very helpful with working with our insurance company to get more replacement for our claims.