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Roof Replacement St. Michael MN

When you have leaks in your roof chances are you want to have them repaired as cheaply as possible, since an entirely new roof can cost thousands of dollars. Despite this cost, there are times when it’s actually cheaper and a better option to have your entire roof replaced, rather than just having some patchwork done.

Reasons To Consider If You Need Cheaper Roof Replacement St. Michael MN

Consider two surprising reasons and scenarios when an entire roof replacement St. Michael MN may be a cheaper or preferred option for your home.

1. When selling your home.

When you put your home on the market, large repair jobs that need to be done can not only lower its value but these might also turn away prospective buyers altogether. A potential homebuyer might notice patchwork and assume that the rest of the roof will soon need repairs, or they may note a poor quality repair job and in either case, decide to withhold an offer.

On the other hand, a new roof can be an attractive selling feature, as a potential buyer will know that they won’t face this repair job for years to come. Installing a new roof also tells them that you’ve taken good care of your home and in turn, they may assume that it’s in good repair in other areas. Your home’s value can increase and you can see more potential buyers when you invest in a roof replacement St. Michael MN.

2. When large portions of the roof need repair.

One reason that it might be cheaper to opt for a roof replacement St. Michael MN rather than simply repairing large portions of the roof is that your contractor incurs costs for setting up, tearing down the sections that need repair, and hauling away their junk. If they need to come out to your home more than once, they face these costs each visit. If they replace your entire roof at once, these costs are incurred only one time.

As an example of how this works, a contractor may quote $2500 for one side of a four-sided roof, but only $9000 for replacing the entire roof. This is $1000 less than if you had all four sides done individually. By having the entire roof done at once, you may very well save money on those future repairs that you will probably need to have done eventually anyway.

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