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Roof Replacement Shakopee MN: The Costs Behind Replacing A Roof

Roof Replacement Shakopee MNWhat influences the average cost to replace a roof? The answer to that question is actually pretty simple. While replacing a roof does get costly, the price of replacing your entire roof is determined by several factors—far more simple than most people think.

The Factors Behind Roof Replacement Costs

To determine the cost of an entire roof replacement, roofing companies examine and evaluate several factors before going forward with the entire roof replacement job. The most common factors include the cost of materials, the size of the roof, the pitch of the roof and the accessibility of the roof.

Roof Size

Many roof replacement Shakopee MN contractors agree that the size of a roof directly impacts the cost of a roof replacement in a big way. Roofers generally charge for a replacement per roofing square. For most roofs, a 10 by 10 area is equivalent to one roofing square.

Roof Pitch

A roof’s pitch or slope is yet another variable that determines the cost of a total roof replacement. Some roofs are built with a higher pitch, while others are situated lower. Steeper roofs typically garner higher prices, due to the concessions that roofers have to take in order to access and work on the roof.

Roof Accessibility

Accessibility directly impacts your roofer’s labor costs, which means that you might pay more if they can’t easily access your roof. The actual labor involved with tearing down the roof can also raise the price to replace the roof, especially if you’re having a large roof replaced.

Roofing Material

Asphalt roofs tend to cost less than roofs made from other materials. Most asphalt roof shingles have a cost per square foot ranging from $5 to $7. In fact, asphalt roofing is considered the most affordable roofing option; wood, metal, tile and slate roofing tend to run higher prices.

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