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The Best Windows, Siding, and Roofing in Rogers MN. And More!

We are more than just providing you with the GAF-certified residential and commercial roofing services, installing quality gutters, and fitting your homes with the most dependable insulation. We also assist in storm damage inspections and more!
Have you ever considered how well-maintained windows and sidings contribute to making your home the best in the neighborhood? There is more science to their merely giving your exterior a “pulled together” look.
This is why Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota, your reliable roofing contractor in Rogers, MN, also recommends looking into the state of your windows and siding to upgrade the overall value of your home.

Professional Window Replacement

Most homeowners downplay the importance of windows—until it’s too late. Windows in a state of disrepair are not a pretty sight, and are most likely to invite a number of unsavory elements into your home—from pests to unwanted drafts, heat and dangerous UV rays to burglars! You not only put your family and property at risk, but also wind up paying a hefty sum on cooling and heating systems working on overdrive.
In Rogers, residents turn to the window experts of Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota for repair and installation. We work only with the best products that boast, among others, double pane glass, cutting edge coating, and high-quality insulated frames which help control indoor temperature levels.

Superb Siding Installation

Properly installed siding keeps unwanted moisture from seeping into your home, causing molds and damaging foundations in the long-run. They likewise prevent the entry of wind and draft, which drive your heating system to work double-time, resulting in higher energy bills.
There are over 15 different kinds of siding in the market. Let your trusted contractor steer you to the one that you need and can afford.
Having served the Twin Cities area for over three decades, Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota delivers a full service package for your window or siding needs.

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